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We offer a wide range of classes to suit a range of goals and cater for beginner, intermediate and expert individuals...

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Core Tone

Great Core Conditioning class that really hones in on the torso and major muscles that connect upper and lower body.  Ideal for tightening tummy and butt, improving functionality and assisting in injury prevention.


Abs Blast

A quick blast of core conditioning exercises to target those abdominal muscles within 20 minutes.


Running Club

An outdoor running club for all levels of fitness. A great way to build your cardio-vascular system whilst running through the different outdoor terrains. Non-members are most welcome to coming along and join in.


Box-Fit Circuits

A class that packs a punch!! A fantastic way to burn off calories and stress at the same time. The class is for all levels and beginners are most welcome.


Virtual Cycle

A 45-60 min class with a virtual cycling instructor taking you through the different terrains of America whilst learning the cycling moves on a stationary tomahawk indoor cycle.



The cardio-based, total-body conditioning program and is based on 'max interval training', a faster way of burning calories.


Beginners Zumba

An aerobics class for beginners featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.


Low Impact 

A gentle aerobics class for the older member who is looking to tone and shape whilst not putting too much strain on those joints.


Tone Zone

A class that combines both the use of aerobic and weight based exercises specially targeting individual parts of the body for toning and shaping.



The ultimate fat burning and muscle toning class using multifunctional equipment. This 20 minutes gym floor based workout will have you feeling buzzing!


Indoor Group Cycling

This is an indoor stationary cycling class that takes place in a darkened room with various famous backgrounds projected onto a wall. It is a great calorie burner which also tones the lower body and improves your cardiovascular system. You can be found cycling in the Grand Canyon in the USA whilst listening to music at various tempos. Extremely popular so be quick to book in!!


Combat Fit

Combines moves and stances from a range of self defence disciplines expertly choreographed to great music. An empowering athletic workout that will leave you fighting fit.



20 mins any form of cardio training which varies on a weekly basis.  Followed by 20mins strength training and then 20mins toning.  A great all- rounder with weekly variation and fun



A combination of breathing exercises, meditation and stretching to balance the physical and mental state. Yoga is a powerful tool for stress management that will help improve your feeling of wellbeing.



This South American choreographed dance class is a great fat burner for all fitness levels. Zumba is a great class for working out the stresses of the week and focusing on cardio workout combined with a dance element.



Perfect for those individuals who need to avoid impact exercises. The water provides a natural resistance for your body to work against. Great for improving all over toning, yet still providing a great and fun cardio workout. So get splashing!



A class that concentrates on slow, measured, repetitive movements with the intention of strengthening lesser used postural muscles. Pilates is a fantastic workout for your core muscles leading to improved posture.


Power Pump

A non-impact resistance training class that uses free weights. This class works all the major muscles in routines set to music. A very effective fat burning workout!!


Hi/Lo Attack

A class that combines exercises that conditions and focuses on the very important areas such as the upper and lower body. An excellent group class and a must try!


TRX Circuits

If you've been pounding away at the weights or putting in the mileage being a road runner, it might just be time for a little change. Grab a TRX and give this 30-minute, multi-purpose full body workout a try. You'll work the entire body and hit muscle fibers in a way free weights, machines or cables do not!


Gym Circuits

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for the next circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise .


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